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A lot of ‘firsts’…

By Rebecca Blair

Well, it’s been almost 4 months at Belu and it’s been 4 months of firsts. During my second week on the job, I ended up in London, at a trade show talking to people about Belu, wearing a Belu T-shirt. I had never attended a trade show, let alone been part of one. I found out this was also a first for Belu at the time. I have been on a trip to Montgomery to see our water source, to understand more about the bottling process, and our transportation, meeting some really key partners for Belu, again a first for me. Team days, after working from home for almost 3 years it was a bit daunting. Then being asked to bring in one item to describe myself, well that added another level of pressure. That was not an easy task, but it definitely helped with team building. I have also got to contribute directly to a punchy accessible impact report. I know a lot of other blogs have spoken about this so I will not go into too much detail. However, as someone who has a degree in Environmental Conservation, I am hugely proud of Belu for what it stands for. What I am trying to say is my job is varied, interesting and full of firsts for me. I cannot wait for what the next first for Belu and me will be…

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