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Belu has partnered with the charity WaterAid since 2011, giving them 100% of our net profit to help make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation. By choosing Belu, you’re helping to transform lives worldwide.


1 in 10 people still don’t have clean water to drink and 1 in 4 people don’t have access to a decent toilet.

We invest in WaterAid’s work across 28 countries so that they can work where the need is greatest, to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere within a generation.

To date, we’ve given WaterAid more than £5 million, enough to transform over 330,000 lives worldwide with clean water.

“Every business has a choice; profit from society with no give-back, or invest profits in putting the environment first and transforming lives. For Belu it is not a choice, it is simply who we are.” – Natalie Campbell, CEO Belu.

“Belu is leading the way for social enterprises to have increasing global impact through good business and innovation. The collaboration between WaterAid and Belu is truly unique – if we can do this in a year, just imagine the impact we can have together by 2030” – Tim Wainwright, CEO, WaterAid UK


In 2017, we travelled to Madagascar with our partner WaterAid to see the impact of Belu’s profits first-hand. Almost half of Madagascans have no clean water, and 90% of the population have nowhere decent to go to the toilet. Visiting communities who didn’t have clean water, and others who have benefited from WaterAid’s work was a mind-blowing contrast. The stories of people we met including people like Sabine (pictured) have inspired us to continue growing our business and make a greater impact.

Just before our visit, WaterAid had confirmed a plan to install two pumps in Sabine’s village with a gravity-fed water system, and Sabine was nominated as the voluntary President of the Committee responsible for overseeing water, sanitation and hygiene in the village. Water arrived in Sabine’s village in 2018 and her village now has clean water to drink for the very first time.

Read more in our #BeluWaterStories Impact Report 2018.


When you choose Belu as your water service partner, we’ll work with you to make the most of the partnership. We provide a toolkit with social media content, point of sale material and menu copy to help spread the word that you’re helping to transform people’s lives with clean water by simply stocking Belu.

Every year on World Water Day 22nd March, we support WaterAid and the world in celebrating the progress being made to reach people worldwide with clean water, giving your business an excellent opportunity to join in and showcase the positive impact that you’re making by choosing Belu Water. Get in touch with our marketing team to see how you can get involved.