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Belu honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation

Today, we are delighted to announce that Belu has been presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. This prestigious award recognises outstanding business achievement by UK organisations. Belu has been honoured in the Innovation category for our pioneering Belu Filter Initiative.

The initiative is the first of its kind in this country and serves a dual purpose of empowering restaurants and hotels to make a real difference to people’s lives whilst reducing their impact on the environment. The model is simple. Belu provides a free filtration system to restaurants or hotels, who in return, agree to raise voluntary £1 contributions with their guests for unlimited still or sparkling filtered water. It’s a unique opportunity for businesses to make something good happen with their water service, as by partnering with Belu and WaterAid, they’re helping to bring clean water to the world’s poorest and hardest to reach communities. The Awards are only given for the highest levels of excellence. On receiving the award, Karen Lynch, Belu CEO said: “We are delighted to achieve our second Queen’s Award which acknowledges the success of the collaborative and partnership approach we take with our partners and customers. The Belu Filter Initiative has become a significant part of our business model and the driver of growth which ensured we achieved our target of passing £1 million to WaterAid last year.” We are looking forward to officially being presented with the award at Buckingham Palace later this year. Belu will continue to focus on collaborations and innovations to lead the way in the water sector and pursue our mission to inspire all that there is a better way of doing business. A huge thank you to our partners and supporters who have worked with us to make the Belu Filter Initiative a success, and for being part of our Belu water story so far. Help us spread the word on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. #QueensAwards #Innovation

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