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Contemplations and reflections of my start at Belu

By Josie Fuller The first email I had waiting for me in my inbox on my first day at Belu was the instruction to write a blog. My very first thought was initially of bewilderment – what on earth would I have to say? What I have since discovered in my first 2 months here, is that it really is impossible not to have something to say when you are part of such an inspiring purpose such as the one we share within the Belu team.
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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIt is common knowledge that all of our profits go to WaterAid – we shout about it far and wide, and rightly so. However, what I have also learnt in my short time with Belu is that the ‘do good’ mission covers more than just the world of water. Every aspect of the business is built around doing good. Whether that is going above & beyond to be sustainable, forging partnerships with causes such as the Canal & River Trust or even the internal working culture that is carefully curated to ensure that Belu employees are happy and love what they do; it is clear to see that Belu really does do a hell of a lot of good!
We are a small team with an enormous output, and our 2021 Impact Report is the culmination of all of this work throughout the year. It really is eye-opening, and the staggering statistics hit home for me. I speak for most of us when I say that it’s something that we are privileged enough not to have to think about in our daily lives, but for lots of people, this is their reality.
I have learned vast amounts in the short time that I have been part of Belu, with even vaster amounts to go, and I can’t wait to see the results of our hard work in 2022.
Who knew water could be so rewarding?!

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