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Every Belu refill brings a more sustainable future to the table.

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Belu Sustainable water filtration is the positive choice for your business or workplace and the environment.

Meet your demand for chilled, heated, still and sparkling filtered water with a sustainable solution that reduces waste, lowers recycling costs and saves valuable fridge space. Belu Filter in Action also supports global communities through our purpose: investing 100% of net profits to change the way the world sees water – and helps bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere.

How our filtration works

We supply and install a best-in-class filtration system so you have filtered water on hand, however you like it. We have a range of machines and a choice of payment models to suit you, plus we can supply refillable bottles, add your branding and will maintain your system with regular servicing and call-out.

Refill and reuse to reduce your carbon footprint, waste and costs. Choose Belu Filter in Action to make a difference to people and planet.

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For hospitality

There are two ways to make amazing happen:

Positive Profits: A revenue share with 50% of your sales supporting Belu’s purpose. We lease you a filtration system at a reduced weekly fee. As you charge your customers for Belu filtered water, 50% from each sale goes to Belu.

Fixed Filtration: Our fixed lease agreement model makes a positive difference and allows you to use your filtration system any way you wish.

For offices & workplaces

Belu Water works as hard as you do:

Hot, cold, chilled and sparkling filtered water for your meeting rooms, restaurants and refreshment areas.

Keep your staff hydrated and healthy whilst supporting global communities and your sustainability strategy. And with Belu filtration on tap you can demonstrate that your business sources responsibly and actively reduces waste.

Belu refillables

Our classic Belu Refill Bottles make perfect partners for workplace, hotel or spa water filter systems. Made in the UK from 100% recycled BPA free plastic which means fewer air miles and a lower carbon footprint.

We also have our award-winning Belu Ocean Bottles. Each bottle funds the collection of the equivalent of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles so they don’t end up in the ocean. Upcycled, anti-leak, dishwasher safe and insulated for hot and cold drinks.

Belu water coolers

A great alternative to individual single-use bottles where plumbed filtration is not an option. Each bottle can be used over 30 times.

Only available through our partner Zepbrook for delivery to London, Greater London and areas of South East England.

Get in touch with Zepbrook to place an order.

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