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Good for people and planet.
The difference is clear with Belu filtered water.

Filter in Action

Join us in our purpose to make a difference to some of the local and global challenges we face. Filtering with Belu empowers you to make positive change, on tap.

Belu Filter in Action is also available in Hong Kong.

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Refillable Bottles

Choosing reusable bottles can be a great way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your waste.

Our classic Belu Refill Bottle is manufactured in the UK, which means fewer air miles and a lower carbon footprint. They’re made from 100% recycled BPA free plastic and designed for use with cold, un-carbonated drinks. We can also co-brand these bottles with your company logo and match the lid to most brand colours.

Each Belu Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles and stops them from entering our oceans. Plus, 100% of our net profits go to WaterAid to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere within a generation.

Water Coolers

A great alternative to individual single-use bottles where plumbed filtration is not an option. Each bottle can be used over 30 times.

Only available through our partner Zepbrook for delivery to London, Greater London and areas of South East England.

Get in touch with Zepbrook to place an order.