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Water filtration for hospitality

Belu Filter in Action is the positive choice for your restaurant, hotel, membership club or bar.

 With Belu’s sustainable Water Filtration for Hospitality, you can transform your water offering. Switch out bottled water with a more sustainable, purpose-driven solution. Our filter systems deliver deliciously refreshing chilled, sparkling, ambient or hot water, with machines and filter bottles that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your venue. 

Say goodbye to single-use glass or plastic bottles and hello to a user friendly solution with a lower carbon footprint. Our advanced filtration systems ensure that every drop of Belu filtered water is free from impurities, aromas and reduces limescale. By partnering with Belu, you’ll also be choosing a social enterprise that gives 100% net profits to WaterAid to bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to communities worldwide. We’ve given £5.8m to WaterAid to date and with your support can give much more.


Our sustainable water filtration for hospitality is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, requiring only a standard water supply and a power socket. It offers an array of options – chilled, still, sparkling, and hot water – ensuring a perfect match for the diverse needs of your guests. The compact design ensures that it fits effortlessly into your space, whether it’s a boutique hotel, a bustling restaurant, or a cosy café.

With a range of machines and a choice of payment models to suit you, plus we can supply refillable bottles (co-branded if you like) and we will always be on hand for regular servicing and maintenance call outs.


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Benefits for your business

We use industry leading filtration machines, taps and filters and our installation teams always deliver a service that’s second to none. As well as providing premium filtered water on tap for guests, Belu Filter in Action means:

  • Improved sustainability credentials: Reduce waste and cut down on single-use plastic, lower your carbon footprint and support your sustainability goals.
  • Cost saving: Lower your recycling expenses and optimise valuable fridge space.
  • Commercial benefit: Providing free flow water with a cover charge can deliver a significant uplift in water sales.
  • Ongoing service and maintenance: We believe in building great lasting relationships so our support team is always on hand for regular servicing and maintenance call outs.
  • Making a real difference: Every refill helps because Belu give 100% net profits to WaterAid to transform lives with clean water.

Belu Filter in Action is more than just a utility; it’s a statement. By choosing Belu, you’re not just offering water; you’re showcasing your dedication to a cause. Our collaboration with WaterAid means that every sip your guests take contributes to global water conservation efforts. This not only elevates the guest experience but also cements your reputation as a socially responsible brand. 

OUR filter systems

Belu Water filtration systems work as hard as you do.

Freestanding or countertop dispense of chilled, sparkling, ambient and hot filtered water for your restaurant, back of house and bar areas. You can set portion controls and accurately measure water use too.

Our industry leading filters mean Belu Filter in Action delivers truly premium drinking water. You can find out more by clicking below.

Filter image
Countertop water types

Belu Integrated System

  • Flip back or free flow taps available
  • One, two & three tap fonts available
  • Waste to mains or removable drip tray
  • Available in 30L to 180L
  • Multiple font finishes including matte antique brass
Belu water filtration unit for hospitality
Countertop water types

Belu Countertop System

  • Perfect for busy venues needing large volumes
  • Electronic control to set dispense volume
  • Customisable water temperature and carbonation
  • Available in 65L, 120L & 180L
  • Floor standing model available

We have other systems and options to suit your hospitality venue. Get in touch today to discuss our other products. 

Co-Branded BOTTLES

Our Belu co-branded Bottles make perfect partners for your hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar. We can organise and supply bottles with your logo on the front and our ‘Filter in Action’ message on the reverse. 

interested in our mineral water?

Our ‘Ethical Glass’ bottles were designed to be lighter on the planet. Every bottle is made in the UK from at least 35% recycled glass and since it’s lighter, it is less carbon intensive than other bottles on the market. Available in 750ml and 330ml bottles, sparkling or still. Learn more about our mineral water. 


Embrace the ethos of sustainable hospitality with the ‘Belu Collective‘. This initiative invites you to join a network of forward-thinking hospitality leaders who have embraced Belu’s water filtration systems. As a member of the ‘Belu Collective’, you contribute to a global movement valuing our planet and its precious resources. Together, we can make a significant, positive impact on the environment, one glass of filtered water at a time, fostering a greener, more sustainable future.


“We’ve partnered with Belu across some of our restaurants and we hope to roll out to more as it addresses multiple points on our sustainability agenda. Most notable is Belu’s dedication to supporting WaterAid – we know that through a simple switch to their filtration systems we can meaningfully increase our charity efforts.

Additionally, transitioning from bottled water to filtered allows us to reduce our glass waste; reduce the need for transportation and refrigeration; and is also easier for staff as they don’t have to store and move large cases of water daily.”

Holly Letch,
Sustainability Manager, JKS


Our team would love to chat more about how filtration could help you and your business. 

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