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Water filtration FOr OFFICES and WORKPLACES

Belu Water Filter in Action is the positive choice for your business, office, workplace and the environment.

 With Belu’s sustainable water filtration for offices and workplaces, you can provide your teams and visitors with premium quality water – and deliver on sustainability. Our water filtration solutions bring innovation to in-office hydration, providing chilled, sparkling, ambient, and hot water, reducing environmental impact and delivering real global change. 

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to a more employee-friendly solution with a lower carbon footprint. Our advanced filtration systems ensure the every drop of Belu filtered water is free from impurities and aromas. Chilled or hot, it’ll help keep your team hydrated and healthy all day long.

Support your responsible procurement and environmental, social and governance strategies by sourcing responsibly and partnering with a social enterprise that gives 100% of net profits to WaterAid.  

How our filtration works

We supply and install best-in-class water filtration for offices and workplaces so you have filtered water at the touch of a button, however you like it. We have a range of machines and a choice of payment models to suit you, plus we can supply refillable bottles (co-branded if you like) and we will maintain your system with our regular servicing and call-out.


Benefits for businesses

Choosing Belu Filter in Action will deliver real benefits for your business.

  • Support your responsible procurement and environmental, social and governance strategies by sourcing responsibly and partnering with a social enterprise that gives 100% of net profits to WaterAid.
  • Eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles, in turn reducing waste, storage space, refrigeration and deliveries.
  • Keep staff hydrated with premium water filtration (and encourage them to move from their seats and interact with colleagues in the process).
  • Provide any combination of chilled, sparkling, ambient and hot water, all from one tap.
  • Get best-in-class service from a dedicated account manager and our reliable servicing team.

OUR filter systems

Belu Water filtration systems work as hard as you do.

Freestanding or countertop dispense of hot, chilled, ambient, and sparkling filtered water for your meeting rooms, restaurants and refreshment areas. You can set portion controls and accurately measure water use too.

Our industry leading filters mean Belu Filter in Action delivers truly premium drinking water. You can find out more by clicking below.

Belu C shaped water filtration tap
Water types Cshape

Belu C Shape System

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Tall and standard dispense heights
  • Anti scalding feature
  • Integrated system with cooler and boiler below the counter
  • Multi-function tap
  • Heats 20L/hr and cools 85L/hr
Belu freestanding water filtration unit

Belu Floorstanding Dispenser

  • Freestanding for flexibility
  • Tall and standard dispense heights
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Available in 20L and 28L sizes
Belu water filtration unit for hospitality
Countertop water types

Belu Countertop System

  • Perfect for busy venues needing large volumes
  • Electronic control to set dispense volume
  • Customisable water temperature and carbonation
  • Available in 65L, 120L & 80L sizes
Belu continental filter
Countertop water types

Belu Continental System

  • One, two & three tap fonts available
  • Dispense height 294mm
  • Integrated waste or drip tray
  • Flip back taps
  • Available in 30L to 180L in size

We have more models available to suit your office environment. Enquire today to discuss our other products. 

Belu refillable BOTTLES

Our classic Belu Refill Bottles make perfect partners for workplace, hotel or spa water filter systems. We can supply glass refillable bottles (Belu branded or co-branded) for event and meeting spaces and we also have 100% recycled Rpet refillables which can be co-branded and are perfect for your teams to use throughout the day.



‘‘Zurich have a long relationship with BELU in our UK offices and we’ve seen the relationship grow with more and more of our filtrations taps coming through BELU.

The BELU team are so inspiring and engaging. Every BELU pound makes a real difference, so we’re changing the way the world sees water together.”

Louise Sheppard

UK Head of Workplace Services


Our team would love to chat more about how filtration could help you and your business. 

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