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Green credentials, not greenwash

Provenance Proof Points on the Belu homepage

By Georgie Murray

“Provenance began out of a personal frustration for how little we know about the things we buy.”

Those are the words of Jessi Baker, Provenance’s Founder, and something Belu are completely on board with.

Sustainable, zero waste, net zero, carbon neutral, circular economy. There are many ways to describe products which do not harm the environment and many labels for companies which are looking to reduce their impact on the planet. It’s often hard to know whether what you are reading is factual and trustworthy, or if it just uses the right buzzwords to appear genuine.

Enter Provenance: A user friendly digital tool which verifies sustainability claims made by companies about their products.

With accessible, accurate information about a brand’s origin, journey and impact, shoppers are empowered to drive progress and support businesses they know they can trust through their purchasing power.

A lot of smaller or growing brands truly ‘doing good’ can fall into the trap of keeping their stories locked in long annual reports and hidden in spreadsheets.

Belu always has and always will be big on transparency. We publish our annual impact report which includes a purpose profit and loss, our precise impact on the planet through manufacturing and operations, and speak about our efforts to drive sustainability at events on a weekly basis. But we want to do more. We partnered with Provenance to prove our claims are fact checked and to give our website visitors a tool to show how we put our words into action.

On working with Belu, Jessi says,
Provenance’s technology powers trustworthy claims about social and environmental impact, helping shoppers learn more about the decisions brands are making to reduce their impact on people and the planet. Companies like Belu are why we created Provenance – to help purpose-led brands communicate genuine positive impact with their communities. We’re so excited to be powering Proof Points on Belu’s website and highlighting their sustainability efforts where shoppers will see it most: at the point of sale.”

Provenance provides a quick snapshot of verified claims and statements we’ve made supported by evidence simply by having a quick glance at our website.

By clicking on any of these buttons on the website you will see a pop-up box explaining how we have achieved these measures;

So now you know why we’ve added Provenance buttons to our site.. Why not check them out for yourself?

Provenance’s Proof Points under a bottle of our still mineral water.
A pop up explaining and verifying claims.

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