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Nemi teas showcase tea blends
Rebecca and Pranav, of NEMI teas, showing us different blends

By Mark Jacobs

Firstly, a huge thank you is in order to Pranav, Rebecca and the NEMI Teas team for hosting our first ‘Project 101’ event at Trampoline cafe on Tuesday 1st November. Project 101 is a series of events bringing together sustainability leaders to discuss purpose in action. After doing our best to dodge the British weather, we all settled downstairs to enjoy an insightful presentation on tea. Rebecca from NEMI elevated the humble cuppa, which I’m sure many of us take for granted most mornings. Her detail, passion and knowledge shone through and gave a new appreciation for tea. NEMI do some incredible work, not just how they source their tea or their vision on sustainability but with their incredible efforts to support employment for refugees, giving them a canvas to grow their careers. After our talk on tea, we took our seats and listened to the experience of Jamie Mitchell. Non-Executive Chairman at Urban Legend, Gaucho and Winch. His talk took us on a detailed account of being the best version of yourself, his lessons through life and where the world is now. Touching on his experiences at innocent, Tom Dixon, Winch and Gaucho’s. Elaborating on what he’s learnt, what he continues to do and why and what changes are needed to have the strongest impact over the next few years. For our first Belu Event, I must thank Jamie, his time and insights were greatly appreciated. I’d also like to share my gratitude to the guests who attended. I do hope everyone came away with something new, be it an insight into ‘Tea’ or a new perception on ‘Purpose’. Our next event is on Wednesday 30th November in East London, with guest speaker Ben Greensmith from Tony’s Chocoloney, further details here: BELU – 101 – Tony’s Chocolonely. We hope to see you there!
Jamie Mitchell speaks at Project 101's first event at Trampoline cafe

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