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This year, we’ve felt a real shift in attitude towards ethical products and seen people begin to understand the power of their buying decisions. For example, we know that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that put purpose before profit and social enterprises are the ultimate ‘purpose before profit’ businesses. They’re different because they are businesses that are changing the world for the better by selling goods and services, and reinvesting profits back into social and environmental missions. With Social Saturday (13th October) fast approaching, we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to two online marketplaces making it easy for you to buy ethical goods, as well as highlight 3 social enterprises that we think you should know about and be buying from. Finding social enterprises to buy from hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. But Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Marketplace  allows you to browse and click through to a great range of social enterprise products. And now we also have The Big Issue Shop, which takes it ones step further allowing you to purchase ethical products including clothing, jewellery, artwork and more right there on their site. Both marketplaces are making it increasingly easy to find and shop for ethical products online. We are so happy to be seeing more and more social enterprises entering the market and challenging traditional businesses. Here are 3 of our current favourites that you might not have heard of:

Hopeful Traders

Hopeful Traders is a social arts project and creative brand selling artwork, accessories and clothing. They collaborate with artists affected by homelessness and mental illness, hoping to give a voice to the many people affected by these issues. Profits from all their sales are divided between the individuals they work with and charitable organisations that they have chosen.

Our top pick is this Hopeful x ANXTI sweatshirt, which supports the mental health charity, Calm.

The Goodwash Company

The Goodwash Company are a Welsh social enterprise giving 100% of their profit to local projects that improve the lives of animals and people. Goodwash products are sourced from high-quality natural ingredients, are cruelty free, beautifully designed and they have some vegan lines too. From your daily shampoo and conditioner, to gorgeous gift sets, we’ll definitely be stocking up on Goodwash products for the gift-giving season and beyond.

Bulk Market

Bulk Market is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle food and packaging waste, supporting suppliers who are making a difference to people’s lives and the environment. This alternative to a traditional supermarket will be opening soon in its permanent Hackney home after a successful pop up in Dalston. Bulk Market will sell everything from household goods to beauty products, pet supplies to groceries and more. The main principle being that you bring your own containers, fill them with however much you need and pay by the weight. It’s the way our grandparents would have shopped before supermarkets made everything hyper-convenient and we think it’ll be really successful as many people can see the benefits of going back to that style of shopping. Keep an eye on Bulk Market’s social feeds for their hotly anticipated opening date.
Hopeful Traders
Goodwash Co
Bulk Market

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