A small but
mighty team

Branching out far and wide

Belu is now 23 strong (so we’re bigger than ever before.) We have invested in creating a dedicated team to look after our customers and a Brand team to manage our all-important partnerships and communications. Even in this time of economic uncertainty, we are confident it is the right decision and exactly the right team for action and impact.
In the UK we are spread out across England from Nottingham to Manchester to London, down to Brighton and across to Hampshire and we work where suits us best. Meeting virtually or hot desking and making full use of technology to balance getting together with keeping mileage in check. Wherever we’re based, Belu people
will often be spotted out and about, speaking to customers and partners in real life, building strong relationships and making things happen. A special shout out also goes to Yannick, our local sales and engineer partner from Metabev, based in Hong Kong.

Structurally sound

Belu maintains a simple structure. We have
Business Development, Finance, Operations, Customer Relationships and Brand teams – and a board.
Also two CEOs. Not because we’re greedy. We just think two heads are better than one. Both Natalie and Charlotte bring different skillsets and attributes to Belu and complement each other perfectly. As inspired by ‘Shine Theory’, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman’s commitment to asking, “Would we be better as collaborators than as competitors?” and to building others up, rather than tearing them down.

Officially a Great
Place to Work

In December 2022 all members of Team Belu completed a survey to rate their experiences working at Belu.
We were thrilled to score highly on diversity, inclusion, equality and collaboration, with over 100% agreeing with the statements, ‘When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome’, ‘People are treated fairly regardless of age’, ‘People are treated fairly regardless of gender’, ‘People are treated fairly regardless of sexual orientation’, ‘I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community’ and ‘I make a difference here’.

We want to set our team up for success and ensure they feel valued so the areas we will work on are training and development and clarity of value. They were our lowest scoring areas at 76% agreement (so there’s room for improvement).


And helping other businesses ‘do business better’

We’ve always been keen to work with and learn from like minded customers, suppliers, partner organisations, research bodies, event organisers and media who share our way of thinking and doing. We’re a sociable bunch who believe sharing is caring – and whilst we’re more than happy to shout about all things Belu, we also love to listen.

Our event series Project 101, in partnership with social enterprise NEMI Teas, shared industry learnings amongst sustainability focussed folks from FMCG businesses. We hosted Jamie Mitchell (ex-innocent, Guacho and M Restaurants) and Ben Greensmith (AKA Lord Chocolonely iii, from Tony’s).

In the summertime Belu and WaterAid hydrated festival goers from our renovated HorseBox at Smoked & Uncut – a foodie and music lover’s dream. Held at The Pig and Lime Wood hotels (both long standing Belu customers) and we’re looking forward to doing the same this year.

There’s been a lot of knowledge sharing at events and panels too, covering topics ranging from working in the drinks and hospitality industry, women in leadership, and combatting greenwashing, to purpose-led business and social enterprise.

Our first ever Hong Kong trip was crammed full of meetings and knowledge sharing. Like the talk we gave at the Future Green member meet up, the Food Made Good monthly community meeting and our catch up with the MetaBev crew.


Making a difference together

Being a drinks business means we serve lots of different groups of people, in many different settings. Our reach covers the hospitality sector, from bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels, to workplaces, festivals and events in need of refreshment.

Our Customer Relationships team are all about the customer love. In person training sessions and regular check-ins on the phone, via video or over a coffee at their place – so we can make sure we’re providing the best service we can.
The more face time, the better. We learn so much from our customers and will always share news, updates and social media as much as possible. A rising tide really does lift all boats after all.


Still going strong – with some new ones too.

Our impact partnerships enable the part of our Purpose P&L which really makes a difference. We’ve chosen like minded organisations with expert teams who can maximise the impact of our investments in people and planet. But that’s not all. Our wonderful partners share knowledge, advise us and tell the stories which inspire us to keep working our socks off every day.


We’ve been partners with WaterAid for more than 10 years. We give them our net profits and trust them to allocate these funds to the projects which need them most . We are extremely proud to support the world’s leading water charity, helping them transform thousands of lives every year with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. 74p in every £1 given to WaterAid is spent on delivering services and making change happen and we work together on joint campaigns, their annual winter appeal, and managing our water horsebox.

Canal & River Trust

Since 2022 we have joined forces to support the Canal & River Trust with projects aiming to restore, conserve, protect UK waterways and educate people about water quality and stewardship. In the last year we have funded a ‘leaky dam’ project at the Montgomery Canal, near our water bottling site. Our dams act as natural filters and prevent harmful chemicals from entering the canal, helping to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem and the river’s biodiversity.

The Rivers Trust

Conservation and water stewardship experts, The Rivers Trust are new additions to our partnership list. We have been working with them to develop an interactive online web portal which maps out the UK, showing river health, drought impact and projects happening nationwide along the waterways. The aim is to get a clearer picture of the health of our rivers and streams so the right action can be taken.

This World Water Day our team pulled out all the stops to raise awareness of the UN’s theme of ‘Accelerating Impact’.

Venessa Scott, an amazing artist and CBBC presenter who creates wonderful murals and runs inspirational community workshops, joined us at Belu HQ to create a painting to reflect the message that, when it comes to saving water, if everyone makes a small change it can make a big difference.

Our Customer Relationships Team headed out to deliver framed pictures and love to as many customers as they could and some of them came along to our HQ to see our artwork and enjoy a bottle of lemonade. We set the socials alight with World Water Day posts and customer shout-outs too.

The final painting was auctioned off and raised more than £1000 for WaterAid – and it’s now in its new home at encirc’s head office in Chester. Thanks to Venessa, Kate Miller and everyone else involved. What a World Water Day.