On tap, on the table, on the go and all mixed up

Big up

Hot off the press, our NEW 1l and 5l still mineral water bottles are made from the same 100% recycled PET as our ‘grab and go’s. Bigger bottles, surprisingly small carbon footprint and 100% recyclable.

Grab & Go

Made from 100% recycled PET* our handy 500ml bottles are still the lowest carbon footprint available in the UK market. 100% recyclable and easy to recycle, they’ve had a purposeful makeover too.

*Not the cap and label – yet. We’re working on those.

Must have

A Belu refillable is the perfect on-the-go companion. Choose an uber cool co- branded Ocean Bottle which will fund the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic bottles. Or opt for our 100% recycled PET flip top refillable.

Signature style

Bottled at source (naturally) our still and sparkling mineral water in lightweight, recyclable glass comes in 750ml and 300ml bottles. We’ve just refreshed our labels so they look smarter than ever.

Belu 3 tonic water

Mix it good

Seven lively flavours made with sustainably sourced ingredients and bottled in green glass made from at least 70% recycled content. They’re lower in sugar than the norm, gluten free and vegan. Perfect partners for a whole host of spirits as well as being delicious just as they are.

Filter in action

When it comes to water filtration, we have a style to suit every requirement. From antique bronze, branded taps for the bar, to robust freestanding units to keep a whole workforce hydrated. Still, sparkling, hot and cold on tap. Less waste, less storage and a whole lot more sustainable.

Belu Filter In Action


Over the last year, expanding Belu Filter in Action has been key. We know that using less single use packaging is the most sustainable way forward.

We’ve widened the range of filter machines and taps that we can supply, stepped up our installation schedule and servicing and invested in our Hong Kong business. We’ve even got a dedicated team who knows all about water filtration (and loves talking about it too).


A choice of still, sparkling, chilled, ambient and hot water on tap

Less waste and storage required

Tailored solutions to suit your space

A range of reusable glass bottles

Ongoing servicing and maintenance

A reduced carbon footprint

3 different commercial models to choose from
Water provision that’s good for people, good for planet and good for business. Supporting Belu’s purpose: to change the way the world sees water

100% of net profits given to WaterAid

Mr & Mrs Fox, the lush, art filled restaurant and cocktail bar at Swire Hotel’s ‘East’ in Hong Kong switched from bottled mineral water to Belu Filter in Action in December 2021.

As well as supporting their sustainability goals, offering guests the option of bottled filtered water has clearly been a popular alternative as sales saw a 72% uplift year on year. Good for people, good for planet, good for business.

Mr & Mrs Fox | HK

Chantelle Nicholson’s ‘Apricity’ Restaurant began with a purpose. To be as sustainable as possible in all facets, from fit out to day to day operation.
With a 48% reduction in embodied carbon vs a typical restaurant fit out and 98% of construction waste diverted from landfill, just for starters, we were delighted that Apricity chose Belu’s ‘Positive Profits’ model for their water provision. Current ‘glass bottles saved’ estimate – a very tidy 10,000+ since opening in March 2021.

Credit: Ben Carpenter


Experts in their field

 Our supply partners (including the teams below) keep our water flowing.


Our primary engineer partner for all things Filter in Action. When machines are installed, are ready for a service or need some TLC, the Greenworks team are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. They’re super efficient and super friendly. The perfect partner to fly the Belu Filter in Action flag.


BRITA are global experts at creating water filtration solutions and are our one stop machine, installation and engineer partner. We use their filters for all machines and they supply an impressive range of tap and filtration combinations, including the stylish C-tap favoured by many of our Workplace customers. Championing bio-based plastics, BRITA are dedicated to reducing their emissions and reducing the need for single use plastic. In 2022 they launched a campaign with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, to raise awareness and educate on climate change. Oh – and their team are fountains of knowledge too.

Montgomery Waters

Our Mineral Water bottling partner and one of the UK’s leading water bottling businesses. Their MO is to act in the best interests of society and the environment; with a focus on supporting the local community. Their ownership of the critical areas of land around their water sources enables Montgomery to commit to ensuring total protection of the water and to support ecological conservation by preventing the loss of natural resources. They continually improve and invest in their facilities to reduce their carbon footprint including the installation of more than 2200 solar panels across the site so far. Belu and Montgomery Waters go way back – and we think they’re fabulous.


Encirc are our glass manufacturer, based in Chester, England. As leading sustainability pioneers for the glass industry, we partnered with them to develop and move to our lightweight glass. Fully ISO 14001:2015 compliant and BITC CORE accredited, they are also dedicated to de-carbonising their operations and have committed to creating the first mainstream ultra low carbon glass by 2025. The amazing Encirc team also raised a whopping £8,000 for WaterAid at their annual internal conference… hats off to them.


Experts in dispensing, and great to work with, Celli design and produce the stylish taps and supporting chillers found at many of our hospitality customer’s venues in the UK and Hong Kong. The Celli vision is to create the least possible environmental impact with maximum efficiency.

With new cooling techniques, energy saving systems and innovative use of materials and circular economy principles in place they are taking continuous steps forward in sustainability… as we saw in action when we visited their HQ earlier this year.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle produce our refillable bottles and are huge sustainability champions. Every Belu co- branded Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic (equivalent to 1000 bottles) from waterways and coastlines to prevent it from entering the ocean. Ocean Bottle’s collection teams get paid fairly, which enables them to gain access to healthcare, and education. All plastic is upcycled or co-processed sustainably into new products, which supports a circular economy. And that’s why we think they’re the very best refillables out there.


Sustainable.. zero waste.. carbon neutral.. green..

There are lots of words to describe products which are theoretically less harmful to the environment. But it’s sometimes hard to know whether those descriptions are factual and trustworthy, or just buzzwords with no basis.

Enter Provenance: A user friendly online tool which verifies sustainability claims made by companies about their products. We’ve been working with Provenance and have incorporated their ‘Proof Points’ onto our website to clarify our credentials. You’ll find these handy buttons on our products, verifying that we’re Social Enterprise UK certified, we give to charity, support biodiversity and more.

With more easily accessible, accurate information like these proof points being introduced across e-commerce, shoppers can cut through the greenwash and make well informed purchasing decisions with confidence.
Belu always has and always will be big on transparency. Our partnership with Provenance is just another way we put ourselves out there.