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Belu wins King’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development 2024

It’s always nice to start the week with some great news..

We’ve been named in the list of businesses who have received the King’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development this year!

We previously received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and Innovation back in 2019, so it’s great to once again be recognised and receive the award for Sustainable Development this year.

At Belu, our purpose is to change the way the world sees water, and we really mean it. We offer filtration systems, mineral water, tonics and mixers with the aim to remind all our customers and partners that we use business as a force for good and want to create a mindset shift in how we approach waste, urging people to switch to using refillables wherever possible. It’s more than just drinks, it’s about changing our habits and behaviours for a more sustainable world.

Where it’s not possible to use a refillable bottle, we offer mineral water in recycled plastic and lightweight, ethically made glass bottles produced in the UK and we never export our bottles in order to keep our emissions low.

Speaking of keeping emissions low, in 2021 we took a bold step away from carbon offsetting and switched to making impact investments in nature-based solutions across the UK. Teaming up with organisations like Rivers Trust, Thames21, and Blue Marine Foundation, we’re actively contributing to preserving and restoring our waterways and ecosystems.

We understand the power of business to drive positive change and promote sustainability. Each year, since 2011, we’ve given 100% of our net profits to WaterAid to support projects transforming lives around the world and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goals 6, 12, 13, 14 and 17.

Receiving the King’s Award for Enterprise is recognition for our efforts in the area of sustainability. We will continue to work to change the way the world sees water, advocating for entrepreneurship, social enterprise and supporting changemakers that wish to partner with us and join the Belu collective for a sustainable future.

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