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Beginning at Belu

By Aaima Ali   My first month at Belu has been an eye-opener in so many ways. I’ve joined the company at a very exciting

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Why Water?

By Natalie Campbell Imagine, you wake up one day, walk into the bathroom to brush your teeth…there is no water. You open the toilet seat.

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A day in the life…

By Micky Wells I’m quite lucky a person really. In my job I get to meet interesting people, visit cool restaurants and get plenty of

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Blog of a CO-CEO

By Charlotte Harrington   “Know what you want.  Follow a trajectory where what you want is a possible outcome.  Build a system to incrementally improve

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My Belu Journey

By Nolan Wright   I am writing this blog to take time to reflect on my time at Belu and the seven World Water Days

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A woman in water

By Claire Pearson   “This project has given me dignity”   Those words and the scene will stay with me forever. It was 2013, I

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Belu Deck

Written by Luke Tullo, Operations Lead at Belu. After two weeks, I can tell you that while Belu is also a small team providing customers

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