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Welcome to the Team, Micky

Micky Wells recently joined the business development team here at Belu to get more people drinking the difference in the on-trade. Here, he has taken the time to write about his first few weeks at Belu.

Not just any job

Building up to my first day I had all the feelings that one can expect when starting a new role; nerves, a desire to impress but first and foremost, excitement. The research I had undertaken on Belu and the initial conversations I had with Claire (Belu Business Development Director) over a year ago had a profound impact that for me this was not just any job, this was THE job. I was apprehensive about my first few days and how I would settle in, but I can safely say my experience so far has been everything I expected and more. Every single member of the team has welcomed me to the business with such warmth and have made my first two weeks here more enjoyable than I could have imagined. With some of the restrictions being lifted in May, I have joined Belu at the perfect time. The team are able to meet, some for the first time in a face-to-face environment, and the hospitality industry is bouncing back with Belu perfectly poised to support our partners with our sustainable drinks solutions in filtration, mineral water and now tonics and mixers.

Putting people and planet first

From my first interaction with Belu, the purpose that drives the team has been clear – to change the way the world sees water. This purpose and putting people and the environment first are at the forefront of every decision being made throughout the business and to see and hear this in action has been inspiring to say the least. What I have noticed about Belu and the people in it is that they don’t compromise. As a business Belu are consistently challenging themselves and their partners on making the right choices, whether that’s maximising the use of recycled materials, creating the most lightweight glass on the market or giving £100,000 to WaterAid despite the losses faced during the pandemic. That’s on top of the £5million (!!) already invested by Belu in bringing clean water, decent toilets and hygiene education to everyone, everywhere.

Being part of something bigger

Some of the highlights from my first two weeks here at Belu have been meeting the whole team on day two, going through the Business Development Strategy for 2021 and beyond and being out talking to some of our amazing customers, listening to their reasons for supporting what we as a business are aiming to achieve. For the past two weeks, I have started my days feeling proud and inspired to be working with some incredible people and for a business that is in a relentless pursuit of making the world a better place. Long may that continue. Written by Micky Wells, Business Development Manager Contact Micky Find Micky on Instagram

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