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Our People

“For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.”

Tony Hsieh, Former CEO of Zappos 

People are the lifeblood of Belu. Our team, suppliers, partners and customers – they are the crucial collectives of people making a choice to drink the difference by working with us to change the way the world sees water. 

Who is behind Belu? 

Team Belu is twenty people strong and we have a network of small businesses that provide corporate services to keep the business running effectively. By staying small we keep our overhead low, this means we stay agile as we grow and support likeminded founders and entrepreneurs by paying them for best-in-class services like HR, coaching and finance. 

We were incorporated by Reed Paget in 2002 and in 2007 Belu was officially launched as an environmental social enterprise. Karen Lynch led the business from 2010, securing a national network of customers, making Belu a respected name in the hospitality industry. Natalie Campbell took over the helm in 2020, three weeks before the global pandemic changed the world forever. In September 2020 – with approval from the board – Natalie invited Charlotte Harrington (then COO) to join her as Co-CEO to scale filtration and take Belu to new territories outside of the UK. 

Who do we work with? 

Our suppliers keep us inspired, Encircour bottling partner recently created the world’s most sustainable glass bottles in ground-breaking biofuel trial. They asked us if we wanted to be involved and we jumped at the chance. As a result, our new tonics and mixers are industry leading on day one. Not bad, right? 

Our water source partner worked hand-in-hand with us to create a 100% recycled plastic bottle before it was mainstream. Once we realised that the carbon impact of cans and cartons was too great for us to make the switch they became a leading light in tackling plastic waste with us and we are proud of the +90m bottles made into new Belu bottles.  

Who do we care about? 

Everyone. There can, and must, be a harmony between how much a business meaningfully cares about customers in relation to its team or people in the communities it impacts, far and wide. For us, every sale is good for people and planet and we do not shy away from the fact we sell products and generate revenue because every sale makes a positive difference. 

We will decide not to grow or do something operationally if there is a detrimental impact on a person, community or collective.  

How do we do all of this? 

Culture. We set a culture that means everyone in the team shows up with our ethics and principles in mind and in action. We make sure everyone we work with and sell to knows who we are and what we stand for. Most importantly, for the next ten years we are inviting people to join our pursuit of delivering our purpose, to change the way the world sees water – together we can make this a reality. 

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