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Belu is founded. The vision? Getting water to the people who need it.

Our first year of counting carbon and committing to reducing emissions.

Officially a Social Enterprise and 'doing business better'.

New supply chain processes reduce emissions by 22%.

Our WaterAid partnership begins.

PAS 2060 carbon neutral verification achieved.

WaterAid Logo

Our lightweight glass launches saving 490 tonnes of glass in 2014.

Our 50% recycled plastic bottle is born. The first of its kind.

We reach the £1million total to WaterAid mark.

Belu Filter In Action

We trial our new sustainable filtration concept.

A switch to more efficient manufacturing, part powered by solar.

We adopt the London Living Wage employer structure.

London Living Wage Employer

We receive the Queen's Award for sustainable development.

Unwrapping plastic guide launched with the SRA.

More than half of the team is female and half the board too.

£1m given to WaterAid in a single year.

We receive the Queen's Innovation Award for Filter in Action.

We're awarded the Food Made Good Product of the Year for Filter in Action.

100% recycled grab & go bottles and the lightest weight glass bottles in the market.

Revenue £5,664,724
Net profit £925,123
Given to WaterAid £928,484
Lives transformed 61,899

WaterAid Logo

We sign up to our 10 year impact partnership with WaterAid.

Belu goes global with Filter in Action Hong Kong.

We launch our online shop at

Our impact report details our new 'net zero' goals, a departure from offsetting.

Our articles are aligned with the UN SDGs and we launch our bold new purpose.

We launch our new range of tonics and mixers in 70% recycled glass.

Belu 3 tonic water

Revenue £3,778,792
Net profit £45,466
Given to WaterAid £146,565
Lives transformed 9771

We partner with CRT & RT on water stewardship and conservation projects.

We're officially a 'Great Place to Work' and 'London Living Wage Employer'.

We start investing to grow so that we can deliver our 2020 purpose.

Revenue £7,102,683
Net profit £297,891
Given to WaterAid £297,891
Lives transformed 19,859

We reach the £1m revenue mark for Filter in Action.

Thames 21 Project

We partner with Thames 21 and the Blue Marine Foundation on water regeneration projects.

We are awarded the Drinks Business Asia sustainable business Award.

We sign up to the Courtauld Agreement and commit to following the SBTI framework.

Revenue £8,900,314
Net profit £368,038
Given to WaterAid £377,038
Lives transformed 24,536

To be continued...

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