Belu is a social enterprise and gives 100% of profits to WaterAid. Working with Belu to supply filtration systems for all your hot and cold water needs means together we can transform lives for good.

As the UK’s most ethical water company, we want to provide your business with the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact possible. That’s why we actively encourage you to reduce single-use products in the workplace and use filtered water in reusable bottles where your business model allows.

Three reasons to join


An efficient solution.

Filtered hot and cold water allows you to tread more lightly on the planet and reduces your waste compared to single-use products. No time is wasted waiting for kettles to boil, and you enjoy an enhanced drinking experience.


Serve water with style.

Your meeting rooms, offices and refreshment areas will look great with our Belu branded bottles, complete with social impact message. We can also add your company logo if desired.


Help transform lives, then tell the story.

By partnering with Belu, you will help to transform lives. Just £15 can provide one person with clean water for life through WaterAid’s amazing work, giving you a great water story to share.

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