Belu Filtered Water

The Belu Filter Initiative is an award-winning idea where you and your customers collaborate with us to make something amazing happen.

Our filtration systems provide beautiful still and sparkling filtered water to your customers while helping to transform lives worldwide, as Belu gives 100% of profits to WaterAid.

As the UK’s most ethical water company, we want to provide your business with the best possible quality products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Three reasons to join


Reduce your environmental impact.

Water filtration systems are a great way to reduce the overall carbon footprint for your business, by reducing the amount of single-use water bottles you use. You will also release valuable fridge and storage space, as your filtered water is always on tap at the perfect temperature.


No costs for your business.

Belu supplies, installs and regularly services your filtration system free of charge.

When you serve filtered water we ask that you add a £1 voluntary contribution to the bill for each table, raising on average £15 per day. Those contributions are in turn passed to Belu. We give 100% of our profits to WaterAid.


Help transform lives, then tell the story.

It takes just £15 to transform one life with clean water. By signing up to the Belu Filter Initiative, you’ll be transforming at least one life every day.

This is a great story to share with your staff and customers through social media in addition to the messaging on the back of each bottle.

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