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As the UK’s most ethical water company, we want to provide your business with the best possible quality products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

On-site filtration is a great way to reduce the overall carbon footprint for your business by reducing use of single use water bottles. Release valuable fridge space, use less, whilst serving high volumes of filtered water at the perfect temperature.

Our filtration systems provide beautiful still and sparkling filtered water to your customers while helping to transform lives worldwide, as Belu gives 100% of profits to WaterAid.

It takes just £15 to transform one life with clean water. Help to support the 785 million people without clean water,  2 billion people without a toilet in the world and 3 billion people live without hand-washing facilities at home.

Three ways to partner with us


Join the Belu Filter Initiative.

Perfect for those who offer table service and want to generate maximum social impact. Through the Belu Filter Initiative we supply, install and service your quality filtration system without charge.

We ask that you add a voluntary £1 contribution to each table’s bill in return for unlimited still and sparkling filtered water. We collect these contributions from you and 100% net profit goes to WaterAid.

To qualify for the free system, you will need to be confident in raising £15 in contributions each day.


Join the Impact + Profit Initiative

Perfect if you want to generate revenue and transform lives at the same time.

Belu leases you a filtration system at a reduced rate and you can charge your customers for filtered water, with 50% of sales donated to Belu. As always, 100% net profits go to WaterAid.



Lease a Belu Filtration system

This is a straightforward lease agreement that allows you to utilise your filtration system in any way you wish. Perfect for those who do not wish to charge or collect contributions for serving still and sparkling filtered water.

As with everything we do, 100% net profits go to WaterAid.

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