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Unlike most refillable bottles, Belu refillable bottles are manufactured in the UK, which means fewer air miles and a lower carbon footprint. They’re made from BPA free plastic and designed for use with cold, un-carbonated drinks only.

Options include our standard BELU design or bespoke co-branded design with your company logo added. Lid and print colours are available to match most brands.


Available in a minimum order quantity of 30 bottles (1 box) per order.

Get in touch for our latest prices.


Available in a minimum order quantity of 120 bottles.

Prices depend on the quantity ordered and the number of colours used in the design. Get in touch for our latest prices.


Lime Wood Hotel & Herb House Spa

When Lime Wood Hotel, a long-term partner of Belu, approached us wanting to remove single-use plastic water bottles from their Herb House Spa for environmental reasons, we worked with them on an improved sustainable water solution.

Belu Filtration Systems are now installed across the spa for members to help themselves to chilled, filtered water. This is complemented by a Herb House branded Belu Refillable for each spa member and visitor, saving 106,680 single-use plastic bottles a year.

“We worked with Belu to bring down the use of single-use plastics throughout the spa and hotel, whilst helping to change hundreds of lives worldwide with clean water. We’re humbled and privileged to have been a part of this transformation, not just for the present but for years ahead too.” Tammy Kenyon, Spa Director of Herb House Spa.

Pure Food UK

Pure stock our refillable bottles, filtration systems and bottles across all of their sites.

So far they have helped save over 100,000 single-use plastic bottles by selling our reusable bottles in all of their stores, providing free unlimited still and sparkling water from Belu filtration machines.

“We have offered free still and sparkling water since we started. If you’re passing by any of our shops, you can refill your water bottle at any time without making a purchase or pick up a Pure x BELU reusable bottle and refill whenever you need. We were ahead of everyone on this initiative and have significantly reduced our sales of plastic water bottles as a result.” – Spencer Craig, Co-Founder of Pure

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