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Belu is available through our selected supply partners and our online shop. For large-scale orders, use our wholesaler finder tool or get in touch with us directly.

All Belu products have industry leading sustainability credentials and we give 100% of our net profits to the charity WaterAid, Choosing Belu means a positive impact on people and planet and a great water story for your business.

We only operate and sell Belu in the UK to minimise our carbon footprint. Read more about Belu.

We supply our lightweight recycled glass mineral water through wholesale partners across the UK.

Pure British mineral water in 100% recycled grab and go bottles (not the cap and label-yet, but we’re working on it) and they’re 100% recyclable too.

Mix it good with our selection of lively Mixers and Tonics, bottled in 70% recycled glass. Available through wholesale partners or via our online shop.

Belu or co-branded refillable water bottles. Made in the UK to minimise carbon footprint.

Available in 18.9 litres via our partner Zepbrook for delivery to London & South East England.

Join the Belu Collective by choosing Belu Filter in Action. Chilled, still and sparkling filtered water on tap for hospitality and workplaces.