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Thirsty Thursday – Drinks that are changing the world

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Earlier this week, we told you about some of our favourite, newly discovered (for us) social enterprises, Hopeful Traders, The GoodWash Co and Bulk Market. But being in the drinks business, we have the advantage of knowing and collaborating with some amazing social enterprise drinks brands that are changing the world through doing business differently.

Keep reading for our top social enterprise drinks recommendations and check out Social Enterprise UK’s Social Saturday events calendar to see how you can get involved in the #BuySocial movement.




The team at Toast Ale are getting it right on so many levels. A great tasting product, using otherwise wasted bread in their brewing and giving all profits to food-waste charity Feedback? Yes, yes and yes.

Toast have saved nearly 750,000  slices of bread going to waste and donated over £12,000 to Feedback.




London-based social enterprise, Nemi Teas, offer a variety of whole leaf tea blends as loose tea and in biodegradable tea pyramids. Having recently had their delicious Chai tea at the Buy Social Borough Market pop-up, we can assure you that this team knows their tea.

Nemi Teas hires refugees to run tea stalls across London food markets, festivals, events and conferences, allowing them to boost their English skills, regain confidence and work on skills required to enter the UK job market.




Change Please is a coffee company empowering the homeless community by training them to be baristas. They provide full barista training, jobs paying London Living Wage and support with housing, bank accounts and mental wellbeing.

As Change Please say, ‘what if your morning coffee could change lives?’ So tomorrow, why not pick yours up at a Change Please coffee cart if you’re in London and make something good happen.




Tea People aim to bring a wide variety of fine, specialty and flavoured tea to the tea lovers of the world (and who doesn’t love tea?) whilst positively changing the lives of the children and communities living in and around the tea growing areas. Tea People commit to putting aside at least 50% of their net profits to support their social causes.

If you are a true ‘tea person’, you will also find their website fascinating as they share anecdotes and insights into tea making that will no doubt send you down a rabbit hole of tea research.




Yes, we are including ourselves in this list because Belu is also a drink that’s changing the world.

In case you’re new here, Belu began with a simple idea: that there was a better way to do business. That through business, we could do more than make money, we could help solve some of the world’s problems too. You’ll find Belu ethical mineral water and Belu filtered water in hotels, cafes and restaurants across the UK.

We invest 100% of our profits into the charity WaterAid, to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere. We also take an environment-first approach with bottle packaging made from recycled glass or plastic, and we’re carbon neutral.

Click here to find out where to buy Belu.

toast ale social enterprise
Toast Ale
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Nemi Teas
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Change Please
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Tea People

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