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Thoughts as I embark on my new Belu Journey…

By Lucy Keith  

I recently attended a training session at one of our new filtration customers Apricity, alongside my colleague Micky. Having spent my first year of Belu in the Operations team it was interesting for me to get out and see our filter machines in action and meet the customers who are choosing to be a part of the Belu Collective.

I stood at the back of the room and watched Micky present and inspire the team, highlighting our 10-year partnership with Water Aid and how Apricty, along with our other filter customers are helping to change the way the world sees water.

As Micky flicked through his slide, I was reminded of a statistic that I still find hard to comprehend.

1 in 10 people around the world who *still* don’t have clean water close to home.

I have seen this slide a few times during my time at Belu but as I thought about it, I realised how much we take water for granted. That morning, I had showered, brushed my teeth, put my washing on and had a coffee without even thinking about water. I guess that is because I live in London, where I can sign up for a loo roll subscription or order any essentials to be delivered to my door in under 20 minutes,

so I find it is hard to understand how in 2022 over 771 million people are still forced to drink dirty water or walk long distances to find a clean source.

I continue to feel very proud of being part of a team that are doing business differently and powered by a clear purpose.

As my time in Operations comes to an end and I take on my new journey at Belu, I am looking forward to working with people all brought together to do the same thing, drink good water, and make a difference.

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