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Why Water?

By Natalie Campbell Imagine, you wake up one day, walk into the bathroom to brush your teeth…there is no water. You open the toilet seat. There is no water. You are thirsty, but there is no water. We’ve woken up in a water crisis. You turn on the radio and it is announced that all water must be fetched, your source is 6 miles away, but there is a stream close by. You get there and the water is dirty. But you’re thirsty – so you drink it. You feel unwell but you start walking to collect water, with the buckets you can find at home. Everyone is walking for water, it’s hot, you’re hungry.

1 in 10 people do not have a basic supply of clean water close to home. (Insight from WaterAid)

What I have described is a reality for many people around the world. And they have families also in need of clean drinking water, toilets that flush and taps to wash. This is why we do what we do – to change the way the world sees water – so everyone understands how powerful this life essential is, for both people and planet. No one should feel the pain of thirst, no girl should miss school because she is on her period, no community should go hungry because they cannot water crops. We can change this. Through our impact partner, WaterAid we are changing this. But, we need more businesses on board with SDG6 and a commitment to ending water poverty around the world. Will you join us – will you choose to drink the difference?  

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