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WHO ARE hand picked hotels?

Julia Hands established Hand Picked Hotels after acquirin 16 properties in 2001 from Virgin Group. Hand Picked aims to leave guests with a warm and luxurious experience.

Today there are 21 houses and coastal resorts in the Hand Picked family spread across the UK, from Scotland down to the Channel Islands. Each location is a testament to its brilliantly British heritage, stunning architecture and unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality.

Hand Picked’s restaurants offer curated dishes with the best locally sourced ingredients. They also offer their own Villa Saletta wines produced at their boutique Tuscan winery.

In October 2023 Hand Picked switched to Belu Filter in Action to promote the use of refillable bottles and cut down on waste and emissions. Since partnering with Belu Hand Picked Hotels have saved an estimated 171,000 bottles and 73 tonnes of CO2e.

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Sustainably minded

Hand Picked Hotels have a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility policy which focuses on governance and development through training and active involvement in local projects.

Hand Picked also ensure food sourcing reduces food miles and supports an ethical supply chain.