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JKS Restaurants was set up in 2008 by siblings Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina and currently operate 30 brands in London.

Their philosophy is based on an attitude of innovation, boundary pushing and spontaneity with a goal to foster a culture of culinary obsession, genuine hospitality, entrepreneurial spirit and family values across the group.

You’ll find Belu filtration at a range of JKS restaurants including Gymkhana, BAO, Brigadiers, Speedboat Bar, Lyle’s, Trishna, Plaza and The George.

Since joining Belu and switching to filtration JKS have saved 97 tonnes of carbon and 270,000 single use bottles across the group.

joining the belu collective

“We’ve partnered with Belu across some of our restaurants and we hope to roll out to more as it addresses multiple points on our sustainability agenda. Most notable is Belu’s dedication to supporting WaterAid – we know that through a simple switch to their filtration systems we can meaningfully increase our charity efforts.

Additionally, transitioning from bottled water to filtered allows us to reduce our glass waste; reduce the need for transportation and refrigeration; and is also easier for staff as they don’t have to store and move large cases of water daily.”

Holly Letch, Sustainability Manager, JKS


Across the JKS sites, there are 47 ambassadors to represent different issues that are important to the group. The four ambassador programmes are:

• Sustainability
• Wellbeing
• Equality, diversity and inclusion
• Project management

Lyle’s, Kitchen Table and Bibi have all been awarded stars from Food Made Good demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

In Autumn 2023 BAO ran workshops focusing on waste and fermentation as part of the School of BAO.


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