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MEET salisterra

WHO ARE salisterra

From The Upper House comes the much-anticipated dining concept at Level 49: Salisterra. Formed by the Latin words ‘salis’ for salt and ‘terra’ for earth, Salisterra captures the richness of the Mediterranean with the warmth and familiarity of a neighbourhood bistro. Salisterra is located in Hong Kong and offers a panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the city.

joining the belu collective

“In a move towards implementing more sustainable practices, The Upper House is delighted to be a Founding Collective Member of Belu Hong Kong, serving quality filtered water to our guests that has a wider purpose” 
– The Upper House

Pictured: Jonathan Jones, Swire Hotel’s Director of Restaurants with Belu’s Director of Business Development Claire Pearson receiving their print of The Wave by Venessa Scott as part of Belu’s World Water Day 2023 campaign.

taking the sustainable route

Launched by Michelin starred chef, Jun Tanaka, and now headed by executive chef Carys Docherty and head chef Tony Leung, the menu at Salisterra takes an expressive and seasonal approach with vibrant flavours that draw inspiration from the coastal cuisines of France and Italy. 

 The Upper House became the first Founding Collective member of Belu Hong Kong, with the installation of our in-house water filtration system. Their parent company Swire Properties was the first in Hong Kong to adopt a partnership model with Belu. 

Salisterra guests enjoy unlimited still or sparkling filtered water, helping to reduce carbon footprint and single-use bottles. All our net profits go to WaterAid which means Salisterra will also be helping to create positive social impact through expanding access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere. 

Salisterra are putting sustainability on the menu and we’re proud to partner with them as they lead the way for planet-conscious Hong Kong venues.