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MEET The Pig

WHO ARE The Pig?

When longtime Belu supporter and Mineral Water customer, The PIG, found that bottled mineral water sales were declining and more people were asking for tap water, Belu Filter in Action was the perfect solution for chilled still and sparkling water in a sustainable way.

The PIG joined the Belu Collective and switched to filtration, adopting our Positive Profits model, which reinvests 50% of sales back into Belu’s social enterprise business purpose whilst saving carbon emissions.

With Belu Filter in Action the group has saved nearly 1.5m bottles and 544 tonnes of Co2 emissions with 16 filtration systems since 2021. 


“Responsible, sustainable and environmentally sound decisions can and need to be taken in conjunction with a focus on the bottom line. The decision to switch to Belu Filtration allowed us to be part of a process which should significantly increase profit for Belu whilst having minimal impact on our own. The process is incredibly straight forward, and the guest response has been very positive. It is only with affirmative action that we can make a difference. We all have a part to play.”

Tom Ross, Managing Director, THE PIG

Homegrown & humble

Staying true to their core values, The PIG offers a 25 mile menu, providing both seasonal and local ingredients. Each hotel also has a garden where produce is grown.

With Belu Filter in Action the group has not only saved almost 1.5m bottles, they’ve also reduced waste and fridge space too, inspiring others in the hospitality sector to make their own changes.

The PIG demonstrates how to seamlessly combine caring for the environment and encouraging healthy, sustainable habits with a luxurious and welcoming guest experience.


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