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MEET Urban leisure Group (ULG)


Founded in 2007, Urban Leisure Group (ULG) is a collective of 8 neighbourhood bars and restaurants across London. Each venue is unique in style and offering, but all share a strong focus on sustainability, quality, and great service as well as the core values of kindness and simplicity.

ULG is proud to work with the best breweries, distillers, farmers, and fishermen to provide the finest quality, locally sourced food and drink to their guests.

You’ll find Belu filtration across ULG venues, including Alice House, The Elgin, Coin Laundry, Never For Ever and Heist Bank. 

Since joining Belu in 2021, ULG have saved 100 tonnes of carbon and over 235,000 single use bottles across the group with Filter in Action.

joining the belu collective

“Working with Belu felt like a natural choice for us – the filtered still and sparkling water systems allow us to continue to offer quality and choice to our guests, while reducing our reliance of glass bottles. More fridge and cellar space, less waste and breakages, less lorries on the roads and a contribution to the brilliant efforts of Water Aid.

A win-win and something our teams can get behind and feel good about each time they serve water in our venues.”
Prue Stamp, Head of People and Culture, ULG

Giving back

Recognising the impact of the hospitality industry on the global and local environment, ULG goes further than just doing away with straws and separating recycling. The group works closely with charities partners such as AgeUK to host lunches for older people in the local community, to prevent loneliness and encourage connection over food and drink. 

They work with ethical food and drink suppliers, local small producers wherever possible, and have chosen to partner with Belu based on our shared values and commitment to our partnerships with WaterAid and our Impact Partners.


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