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MEET Lime Wood Hotel & Herb House Spa

WHO ARE Lime Wood?

Lime Wood hotel is a boutique country house, nestled in the New Forest it provides the ultimate luxury getaway. 

Chefs Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder do the cooking at Lime Wood, pulling together both of their much-admired signature styles, to create Hartnett Holder & Co, the relaxed and stylish Italian restaurant.

The Herb House Spa at Lime Wood, designed over three levels is dedicated to natural well-being and is inspired by its forest surroundings; it instills a sense of calm and serenity – the perfect chilling retreat.

joining the belu collective

“Being one of the early adopters of Belu, we get them, and they get us. Our long-standing partnership has allowed our shared visions of sustainability to develop and evolve over the years.

As an example, we provide all our spa members and hotel guests with refillable water bottles to use in the Herb House and across the hotel which has totally removed the need for single use plastic bottles throughout the business.

We are also proud to be one of the first partners to implement the Belu Filtration System and since introduction six years ago, our refillable bottles are saving over 100,000 single-use plastic bottles each year. A positive impact for us, our guests, Belu and the planet!”

Kenneth Speirs, Managing Director, Lime Wood

Rustic and responsible

Lime Wood’s Herb House are proud to be one of Belu’s first partners to implement the Belu Filtration System six years ago.

Herb House and Lime Wood guests receive a Herb House and Belu branded refillable bottle on arrival to use at water stations across the hotel and spa, which prevents waste. Belu water is served in HH&Co and Raw & Cured, the food bar in the Herb House.

Since 2020, Lime Wood and Herb House have saved 148,000 bottles and 63 tonnes of carbon by switching to Belu’s filtration machines.

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