About Belu

Belu gives 100% of our profits to the charity WaterAid to help transform lives worldwide with clean water.

We work with the UK hotel, restaurant and catering sectors to fulfil your water requirements with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Read more about our environment first approach and our partnership with WaterAid.

Belu Began with a simple idea…

…that there was a better way to do business. That through business, we could do more than make money, we could help solve some of the world’s problems too.

In water, our mission is to show that a business can deliver an environmentally improved and sustainable offer in the market.

Small team. Big impact

We are a purposely lean team of nine people, with a flexible and remote working culture. We work where it makes sense to do so and smartly by using collaborations to minimise our footprint and maximise our positive impact.

We’re a Social Enterprise

We’re proud to be a Social Enterprise. It’s why we carry the Buy Social logo on all our products and support Social Enterprise UK, the UK membership body to raise awareness of social enterprises.

To trade as a social enterprise, we demonstrate that we invest our profits back into society. Our business is asset-locked to ensure that it will follow this path as long as it trades, or that the profits from its sale would also be reinvested back into society.

Make a small change to create big impact #buysocial

We partner with the SRA

Belu, The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and its members are like-minded souls. We’ve partnered since 2016 to help SRA members understand their water options more clearly and to work positively towards using less and better where the member wants to do so.

We’ve collaborated to support SRA members to make the right choice in sustainable water service for their business and navigate the complicated world of single-use plastics. In June 2018 we jointly launched the ‘Unwrapping Plastics Guide’ for the UK Hospitality sector, and have collaborated on a Sustainable Water Toolkit to help the industry on the road to a more sustainable water service.

We’re Transparent

We work in the most transparent and sustainable way possible, holding ourselves and our partners accountable for ensuring our ethics are not compromised. We’re not afraid to be different from other organisations and many times have found success comes from countering instead of following.

Every year on World Water Day, 22nd March, we publish the headlines, key data and stories of our environmental footprint, new initiatives, employment and social impact in our annual impact report.

Read more in our latest impact report.