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Smoked & Uncut Festival in partnership with Belu

Smoked & Uncut is an annual music and food festival with a series of events taking place across England over the summer season. The festival was set up by THE PIG and Lime Wood hotels.

As partners, Belu appears at Smoked & Uncut festival with our renovated horsebox bar, making sure we keep festival-goers hydrated whilst raising awareness and money for WaterAid. 

All our net profits go to WaterAid and members of Team Belu work alongside their volunteers on the bar.

In 2022, donations from Smoked & Uncut attendees raised over £3,000 for WaterAid to support their work transforming thousands of lives around the world gain access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

You can read more about Belu’s impact here.

Lime Wood Hotel

In all rooms at Lime Wood, guests will find refillable water bottles that they can take home to re-use and use in the Herb House Spa. Guests will also find still and sparkling water from Belu.

Since introducing refillable water bottles and a Belu Filtration System five years ago Lime Wood have been saving a huge 106,680 single-use bottles a year and 2,059 lives will be transformed with clean water worldwide.


In 2020 Belu Filtration launched across THE PIG hotel group, bringing been benefits for people, planet and business: Fewer single use bottles, a reduced environmental impact and lower carbon footprint through less transport and production intensity, plus deliciously chilled sparkling and still water for guests on tap.

Since introducing filtration across THE PIG’s 8 hotels, 154,000 bottles have been saved.

The switch to Belu Filtration means water provision within THE PIG is seven times less carbon intensive, with a carbon saving of 36 tonnes of CO2e a year. That’s equivalent to 10 return trips between London and Hong Kong.

THE PIG has inspire many other businesses to make the switch to filtration – and benefit people and planet.

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