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Believing in our purpose (and me)

Nolan and Sarah at Encirc
Nolan (Belu's Director of Operations) and I at Encirc - our glass manufacturer.

Belu is such a unique company in so many ways, and when I was asked to write a blog about my time at Belu, after having started in September 2022, there seemed like so many topics I could cover. But this one is extremely important to me and highlights just what an inspirational and exciting company it is to work for.

I started my career working for FTSE100 companies. I was hungry, driven and ambitious. Back in 2012 I decided to take a career break as I had a new family and the flexibility of working in operations and merchandising just didn’t really exist. During this time, I became aware of Belu. A small company making waves in the commercial world of hospitality in a way I hadn’t seen before. A commercial company that gives all its profits to its purpose, giving millions of pounds to Water Aid. I followed the company for several years, watching as it appointed two female CEOs, diversified their offerings into filtration machines and mixers while slowly growing their team. It looked like a very exciting company to work for.

An opportunity arose for a Head of Operations at Belu back in June 2022. I was nervous given my career break of 10 years but decided to apply. At Belu, the company is looking for the right person in more ways than one. The team is small so the interview process was just as much about who you are and how you’ll fit into the company as what you can bring. The result is a team that is energetic, enthusiastic and driven to make the company the best it can be at achieving the company purpose, “to change the way the world sees water”.

Since joining the company in September I’ve been met with a fantastic group of colleagues. My work is extremely varied, working with manufacturers, forecasting raw materials, working with flavour houses, wholesalers and end customers. You are given autonomy, and because it’s a small company you really do have the opportunity to affect change and work with every part of the business. I’ve been supported with my transition from full time mum to full time employee (who is also a full time mum). Belu understand that looking after your employees, offering flexibility in your daily working life means they can get people with experience into the company and retain them. It has resulted in a refreshing mix of people and demographics.

What I think is extraordinary about Belu is that my career break has never been a factor. Prior to my employment at Belu I was looking at leaving behind my years of experience and enthusiasm for the commercial world and just finding something that would fit in with family life. Belu has given me that and more. I’m given the opportunity to grow and enjoy what I do. Also, I know that what I’m helping to deliver is making a difference, whether that be through giving all the company net profits to WaterAid, Canal and Rivers Trust and others, or whether it’s being able to offer the most environmentally friendly water products possible to the hospitality industry. I am so grateful that Belu’s CEOs and senior leadership team for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work for such an exciting, diverse and ethical company.

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