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My Belu Journey

By Nolan Wright   I am writing this blog to take time to reflect on my time at Belu and the seven World Water Days (WWD) that I will have now been proud to have been part of. I must confess the world was certainly a different place when I joined the business to what it is now!  Given current world events particularly in Ukraine (I have family ties here which has made it all the more real) and the destruction to infrastructure being seen daily and people’s access to sanitation and clean water is severely limited, it has bought it all home to me again just how many people in many different parts of the world still face a challenge of accessing what should be a basic human right of every person on this planet and available to all. Coming back to the here and now at Belu and WWD and what it means to me, it is always an exciting time in the business as we look to reflect on what we have achieved in the past year and importantly what we are going to achieve moving forwards.  Specifically on WWD’s past and present, then I (along with some great colleagues) have been fortunate to have experienced some great highs in my time at Belu, from being in the business when we reached the milestone of our first £1M cumulatively given to WaterAid back in 2015, to the years of 2018 and 2019 when we achieved a net profit of £1M per year which was passed over to WaterAid to continue its great work in delivering access to clean water, sanitation and education where it was needed around the world. However, this year does feel particularly special on two fronts, one on a macro level as the World in general wakes up again following the COVID pandemic that has impacted us over the past 2 years and two, on a micro level at Belu as we have seen our business recover and our primary marketplace (the hospitality industry) starting to come back.

The fact we have been able to deliver any profit over the challenges of the last year has been a huge win for the business and gives us a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

Belu has a clear purpose to ‘change the way the world sees water’ and I am proud to be part of this journey we are on, the way Belu has expanded its product offering (our great range of Mixers) while simultaneously growing what our filtration part of the business and even expanding into a new territory outside of the UK (https://www.belu.hk/), which has only been made possible as a result of the all the great supplier/customer relationships that help us deliver real impact on an annual basis.
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