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A perfect pair: Belu x Mother Root

We love water. If we didn’t we’d definitely be in the wrong business.

But sometimes it’s good to switch it up and spice up your everyday drinks. Which is why we have found the perfect partner for Belu mineral water: Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel.

Inspired by an age-old recipe, Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel is a delicious, all-natural infusion of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey and organic apple cider vinegar that will excite your tastebuds and leave you feeling revitalised. Mother Root was founded after the birth of founder Bethan’s first baby, to bring the same flavour intensity and sense of occasion to alcohol-free drinks as you get from your favourite glass of wine.  

Never heard of a switchel? Don’t worry, neither had we! Switchel was once America’s most popular drink. By day, it was thirst-quenching drink that farmers kept chilled in mason jars in the streams ready for their breaks. It was also the punch that filled the bowl (often spiked with rum) in the centre of the Senate. By night, it spiced up numerous cocktails, but was a particularly favoured drink during the Prohibition-era, providing a warming kick without the alcohol.

But what is it?

At its heart, a Switchel is a concentrated infusion of ginger, apple cider vinegar and a sweetener of some sort, traditionally honey, maple syrup or molasses. It’s designed to be diluted with water (that’s where we come in) or used as a delicious ingredient in cocktails.

We suggest enjoying as a pre-dinner aperitif over ice with some Belu sparkling mineral water. And if you want to make it extra fancy, a slice of orange and a fragrant sprig of rosemary will top it off perfectly. 

So sit back & enjoy a glass of Mother Root served with chilled Belu Sparkling Mineral Water. And watch this space for more news coming from Belu and Mother Root soon! 


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