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Belu x Ocean Bottle

We like hanging with like-minded businesses that live their purpose, so we are beyond excited to have partnered up with Ocean Bottle to bring you our very own Belu reusable bottle. To celebrate the launch, our COO Charlotte caught up with Ocean Bottle CEO and Co-Founder, Will Pearson on all things partnerships and positive change on Instagram Live last week and we’ve pulled together some highlights from their chat for you below. 

Will started off by setting the scene of what led him to set up Ocean Bottle. He first became obsessed with the environment at school, but it was later, whilst working on a boat in the Indian Ocean, that he realised the true extent of the ocean plastic crisis in particular. Seeing heaps of plastic waste burning was an image he couldn’t shake, even when he got back home, and it set him on a mission to do something about it.   

22 million kilograms of plastic go into the ocean every day. By 2030, that amount is expected to double.

With a background in engineering, he became determined to do something positive in the environmental space, but combine it with business. Noticing that consumers wanted to be empowered to make positive choices and be part of the solution, he started working on Ocean Bottle, a business that he hoped would allow individual consumers to have an impact on a global scale. Belu is guided by a similar philosophy, that business should be a force for good and that something as simple as water can make a difference, both locally and globally.

Every Belu Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, equivalent to stopping 1000 bottles from entering our oceans. Plus, 100% net profits go to WaterAid to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere. 

Ocean Bottle partner with Plastic Bank who work with collectors in coastal communities with high levels of plastic pollution. This is solution powered by people, in which plastic waste is collected before it enters the ocean. Plastic Bank’s whole operation is powered by IBM block-chain, which allows impact to be traced back to the people and places where plastic bottles have been collected.  

Charlotte ended the chat by asking Will about the impact of COVID-19 on the business. Will said initially it was a big impact for the plastic collectors. Because they were in lock-down, they couldn’t go out and collect plastic bottles and therefore earn their living. Plastic Bank were quick to launch a COVID relief fund for their network of collectors to give them access to credit. He reflected that it has been a big environmental wake-up call to us all. Charlotte agreed and said that although it’s been a tough year for Belu, the team are optimistic, particularly when we see people increasingly using their buying power to effect the kind of change they want to see in the world. 

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