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Brilliant news alert - we’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work…for the second time running!

We were pretty pleased with our 2022 results – thinking then that if we matched them in 2023, we’d be winning at life! So, you can imagine our joy when we opened the data to see that we have improved our score to 100% across several key areas, including leadership satisfaction, support and impartiality.

This is not to say that there’s not still room for improvement. People make Belu what it is, they are our superpower. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what it truly means to be a ‘Great Place to Work’ at the same time as investing all net profits in pursuit of a daring purpose: to change the way the world sees water.

Great Place to Work 2024

People make Belu.

Belu believes in ‘investing to grow’, and this starts with our team. Over the last 12 months we have grown from 13 to 24 people and are looking to grow further over the coming year. We are a small team that is purposefully ambitious and united by our Belu DNA – half culture, half encoded guide. It’s how we make our decisions, and you can read more about it here.

Belu understands that not everybody’s life functions in the same way, to the same schedule, or within the same spaces. Our team works remotely from all over the UK (and in the case of our Global Director, often much further afield) allowing them to fit work around their lives, rather than the other way around. We talk a lot here about walking the talk, and that’s exactly what we do. Our walking includes salary transparency, an example of which is our CEO to employee pay ratio of 4:1. According to the Economy Policy Institute in 2022, “CEOs were paid 344 times as much as a typical worker”. We also have an array of incentives to support health and wellbeing (with a focus on prevention, rather than curing burnout) as well as self-guided learning and development opportunities. As a team, we talk about benefits and incentives openly, so we know what people want and need. It’s not a top-down endeavour, it’s a team pursuit.

With growth comes the need to recalibrate.

Beyond pay and incentives, what measures can we put in place to support everyone in Belu if we don’t know what they think? This is where certifications like Great Place to Work come in. They allow our team to tell us what they think, anonymously and honestly. Open communication and honest feedback pave the way for shifts in thinking and better practice.

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So, what have we learnt?

Spoiler. Our results were good.

There are particular statements that for us, achieving 100% in really make us proud to be a part of Team Belu:

  • Management shows a sincere interest in me as a person, not just an employee.
  • People care about each other here.
  • I feel I make a difference here.
  • Management delivers on its promises.
  • I can be myself here.

What is tells us is that our team buy in to what we do and feel supported in trying new things and going the extra mile. We also scored highly in all areas of diversity & inclusion, with 100% of the team feeling that they are treated fairly across gender, race, age and sexual orientation. Disability and neurodiversity was not listed (sidenote: we’ll be taking this up with the Great Place to Work team).

We have also learnt which areas we need to improve on. ‘Equity’ was our lowest scoring category (82% satisfied across all statements).

Two statements with the lowest score agreement – at 79% and 77% – respectively were:

  • I am offered training or development to further myself professionally.
  • I feel I receive a fair share of the profits made by this organisation.

We addressed the first point as soon as we got back in January this year by offering a suite of memberships to online learning offers and networks like StackWorld, Masterclass and Intelligence Squared. On the latter, point, it’s a personal trade off we make when working for a company that gives its profits away.

All in all, we are genuinely proud to receive this certification as 2024 is looking like another big year for Belu – we cannot wait to see what we achieve as we grow and being a Great Place to Work ensures that Team Belu are set up for success.

For more on careers at Belu, click here.

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