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What is world environment day?

By Aaima Ali

  What is Environment Day?    We are living in exceptional times, times in which nature is reminding us that to take care of ourselves and we must take care of the environment which sustains us.   When ecosystems are damaged, from peatlands to mangroves to tropical rainforests, we not only destroy the habitat of species who call it their home, we destroy the foundation upon which our society and economy are built. The purpose of environment day is to raise awareness on environmental issues such as marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime.    What it means to Belu?   Belu’s purpose is to change the way the world sees water. Our theory of change encompasses our 4 P’s, Purpose, People, Product and Profit all intertwined with the Planet throughout. We hope to set an example which incorporates the right framework of ownership and governance giving us the best chance to bring about social and environmental change. The environment is embedded in our purpose, as it is at our very core.   We operate Belu in accordance with responsible business principles, the aim of which is to create a better society through better business.    What is Belu doing for the environment?    Let’s break down some of our milestones related to the environment:  
  • We became UK’s first mineral water brand to go carbon neutral in 2012. 
  • In 2015, we trialled our filtration model-offering an innovative sustainable water service for the hospitality sector.  
  • 2019 marked our on-the-go bottles being made from 100% recycled plastic and we also launched the lightest weight glass bottles in the UK.  
  • In 2021, we launched a new range of tonics and mixers in a green glass bottle, making Belu the only tonic or mixer brand to use over 70% recycled material in its bottles.  
  Our 4-factor climate framework (shown right), narrows in on how we will continue to be responsible and conscientious in our business.      To summarise, we always think environment first: 
  • We minimise our environmental impact by using widely recycled materials 
  • We bottle all our products in the UK 
  • We do not export our drinks 
  • We champion filtration as part of a sustainable water service
  • We have been carbon neutral since 2012 
  Our 10 year Purpose P&L will now form the edifice of our decisions and operations. Here’s a peak at where we see ourselves in the time to come…  
  • £15 million cumulatively invested in our pursuit of purpose
  • 2.1 million tonnes of carbon emissions saved through reduction and removal
  • 2.2kgs of glass and plastic made into new bottles therefore not going to landfill or entering waterways or oceans
  • Inspired by Walgreens Boots Alliance, we will work towards meaningfully reporting against all 17 of the UN Sustainable development Goals.
  Like we always say, water, so simple yet so powerful! For an in-depth read on our values and outcomes, please refer to our 2021 impact report.  https://belu.org/impact-report/

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