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On the edge of eighteen

By Georgie Murray

Last week, coworking experts x+why opened their first clubspace at 103 Colmore Row, in the heart of Birmingham’s business district. x+why offer flexible workspaces for purpose-driven businesses and have been ripping up the rule book on traditional offices since 2019. Spread across London and Birmingham in five locations, x+why are a certified B corporation and home to many exciting organisations making waves in the ESG space, such as B Lab UK, Purpose Union and Bethnal Green Ventures.  x+why also host events raising awareness for important issues like climate action, and provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to foster their own communities. x+why recently facilitated panel event ‘Less Talk. More Action’ to bring to light issues surrounding COP27, with a rich and eclectic mix of voices including law partner Louise Harman of Bates Wells, With Diversity founder Will James, Sesimic Cofounder & Chief Impact Officer Amy Bourbeau, Patagonia Country Manager Alex Beasley and activist & Founder of Force of Nature, Clover Hogan. The newly launched clubspace, eighteen, is a collection of impressive meeting rooms, stunning event spaces, sustainable products and green credentials, designed by and for Birmingham. The idea of the clubspace evolved from the notion of Birmingham’s history as the ‘city of a thousand trades’, the central hub of the UK’s industry with a bold entrepreneurial streak, and this is where our stories intertwine.. Enter Belu! We are very excited to be partnering with eighteen, not only as a filtration customer, but also as a pillar of the UK’s responsible business community to exemplify how to do business in a better way.  Filtration offers many benefits over bottled water: ♻️ Reuse bottles and glasses with a filter tap 🚛 Save on transportation and storage costs 🚮 Reduce waste ✅ Save fridge space 💸 Lower recycling costs The bottom line is, it’s good for the bottom line.. and good for the planet! 🌍 Here’s x+why’s take, “We’re so proud to be partnered with Belu in our first club space, eighteen, making positive change possible, on tap. We have a collective agreement: that there is a better way to do business. Aligning with organisations that want to do more than make money and are driven to help solve some of the world’s problems inspires us and our members. At x+why, we put people and the environment first in every space we create and we know that Belu do the same with their business. Their commitment to delivering incredible drinks whilst giving our conscious consumers at eighteen the choice to build a progressive world through their buying decisions fills us with hope for a more caring and sustainable future.” We thank x+why for their continued support in our partnership and look forward to paying eighteen and 103 Colmore Row a visit soon. 

Building your sustainability credentials

For more information on the benefits of ditching single use bottles and switching to filtration, check out our Filter In Action page. You can also drop us a line on filter@belu.org; we cover workspaces, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels and more.

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