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What does Earth Day mean to me today?

By Katja Mildner   How do I feel about our earth, our home, today? I have to be honest, I am struggling to find positive words, unfortunately, these are the words that come to my mind first right now… helpless, paralysed, sad… I feel uncomfortable about publishing this as the last thing I want to do is add to the sadness people are already feeling, but right now I find it hard to have words of encouragement and hope. I want to keep my feelings to myself, it’s not helpful to anyone… I recycle, think about my purchases and how they may impact my immediate environment, I educate myself about our food production chains and the impact on the environment, I do many of the little things we are encouraged to do as individuals, I am doing my bit.

But why does it matter when there are such greater powers, that then simply use man made war machines to destroy, cause death and displace people from their life and homes, it all goes up in smoke. Money well spent I’d say…

I am thinking, what is the point when in a matter of days one person has the power to take us all back decades and more to the point, what is next? Right now, it doesn’t feel like people in power care much about our planet, don’t care about the next generation, our children who will have to battle even more with the results of climate change, war and the rising cost of living. Don’t always be so pessimistic, your glass is always half empty they say… maybe… I continue to do my bit, focus on the things I can do and where I can support. In my role as Finance Business Partner and working for Belu, I can influence the decisions we make to maximise our profits which in return will be invested in projects with Wateraid. So, the better we can perform financially, the more people and communities we are able to reach and help transform lives.  

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