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Belu reaches £5.8m profits given directly to WaterAid on World Water Day

We are proud to announce our annual contribution to WaterAid.

World Water Day 2024 marks the 13th year of our WaterAid partnership, whereby we give 100% of our net profits to WaterAid.

Since 2011 we have given the global water charity a total of £5.8m. Our 2023 contribution is £377,000 (£368,038 plus £9,000 from direct fundraising efforts). Our partnership with WaterAid underpins Belu’s commitment to showing that business can be ‘for good’ and that it is possible to action real change and positive impact through doing business differently.

This year’s net profits will help to transform a total of 391,944 lives since the partnership began.

Belu gives to WaterAid on an unrestricted basis, which means the charity can allocate funds where they are most urgently needed to improve access to clean water, decent toilets and improved hygiene. This model is particularly helpful in times of emergency, natural disaster and war.

Belu has launched a number of campaigns and initiatives in the last year to bring water and climate issues to light, including a ‘Chop & Chat’ social media campaign with WaterAid featuring top chefs Chantelle Nicholson, Sabrina Gidda and Dave Motherwell and food influencers Max La Manna, Denai Moore and Stefanie Moir, a ‘Small Business Guide to Sustainability’ with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and impact partnerships with organisations such as the River’s Trust, Thames21 and Blue Marine Foundation to support nature-based projects which improve water quality and biodiversity across the UK.

Being able to deliver another significant sum to WaterAid is down to our amazing customers choosing to partner with Belu. With long term partners like The PIG, new venues like Arlington and groups like BoneDaddies and BAO, hotels, such as the Corinthia and Athenaeum and, more recently, workplaces such as Zurich and Argyll , the Belu Collective is growing and making a real difference. These businesses are supporting Belu and WaterAid by viewing their supply chains and operations as a tools for generating real world impact – and together we’re working towards our purpose: to change the way the world sees water.

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